Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 5 Highest Paid Athletes in 2009..?

1 . Tiger Woods.

An American Golf player with earnings more than US$100 million. This money not only comes from the sport arena. He also earn it from sponsorship such as Pepsi and Nike.
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2. Oscar De La Hoya.

Known as "The Golden Boy", this American boxing player collect his earning more than US$ 45 million so far. He also recorded the most highest income in boxing history by his pay-per view which totaled more than US$ 600 million in his career.

3. Manny Pacquiao.

The rising star from Philippine has been collected US$ 42 million so far. Forbes magazines recorded his biggest income was from pay-per view which increased "The Pac-Man" money by US$ 30 million. The big companies such as Nike and San Miguel beer have signed him to endorse their products.

4. Kimmi Raikonnen.

His earnings about US$ 41 million from auto-racing sports. With his club, Ferrari, Raikonnen is the most highest paid athlete in auto racing sport.

5. David Beckham.

The global icon who earned about US$ 40 million. Becks also known as male top-model and appears as an icon in Adidas, Giorgio Armani and Motorola.
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